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John Redding

John Redding is a co- founder of Onset , Inc. Along with industry luminary Pete Cartwright, he created and developed the UniGen concept. Mr. Redding has 38 years of industry experience including 27 years with GE Energy where he was responsible for project management, marketing, and sales.

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Jim Detmers

Jim Detmers is a co- founder of Onset , Inc. As Vice President of Operations, Jim Detmers was responsible for managing system reliability within the control area of the California Independent System Operator (CAISO).

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Dr. Merwin Brown

Merwin Brown, Electric Grid Program Director for the California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE), manages a team of experts who are helping develop and commercialize new technologies for the modern electric grid needed to meet California’s aggressive energy-policy goals.

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Renewable energy is good. UniGen makes it better by making it behave predictably.


Onset Receives Funding to Develop UniGen

Onset Receives Major Funding to Develop UniGen.

On March 3rd, the California Energy Commission (CEC) issued a Notice of Proposed Award to Onset, Inc. for its proposal “Applied Research and Development of the UniGen Smart System for Renewable Integration.” Working with Onset on this groundbreaking work will be California State University at Long Beach. Onset’s project will be part of a larger CEC effort entitled Developing the Smart Grid of 2020: Clean, Safe, and Highly Intelligent.

Onset and CSULB will perform research to confirm the feasibility of UniGen for integrating Variable Energy Resources (VERs) at levels of output representative of 33% to 50% RPS; and to develop enough of the software that laboratory simulations can be performed to test the validity of the software in lieu of a field test with actual power plants.

The UniGen approach is to disaggregate the large, seeming intractable problem of integrating VERs into smaller, more manageable problems that can be resolved at the generator project level as opposed to the grid level.

Included in Onset’s proposal was a Letter of Support from the California Independent System Operator. CAISO will be an active participant in the work.

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