John Redding


John Redding is a co- founder of Onset , Inc. Along with industry luminary Pete Cartwright, he created and developed the UniGen concept. Mr. Redding has 38 years of industry experience including 27 years with GE Energy where he was responsible for project management, marketing, and sales. During the last ten years of his tenure with GE John was the senior executive in charge of marketing and project development.

John left GE Energy in 2003 to pursue opportunities to develop new power plant projects. He formed Arcturus Energy Inc. which developed power projects in California and Texas including on-site generation projects for industrial companies. Arcturus also provided energy consulting for clients such as the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group, California Large Energy Consumers Association, and many chemical companies located in Texas.

In 2006, John was a founding partner of Advanced Power Projects (APP) of Fremont CA. APP developed a patented steam injection technology and sold this as an upgrade to existing combustion turbine power plants. Mr. Redding was the executive in charge of sales and business development. During this time, he and Pete Cartwright first conceived of combining the output of wind and gas fired generation into a single block of power using specialized technology.

Over the course of his varied career, Mr. Redding has accumulated a wide-ranging knowledge of power plant technologies and economics and the electric power markets. He is convinced that the deployment of renewable generating resources has changed the electric power industry in unanticipated ways and has thereby created an opportunity for companies who provide non-traditional approaches and solutions that address both technical and cost issues.

Mr. Redding left APP in 2009 to start a new company based on the UniGen concept. He has spent the last two years further defining the concept, putting the technology pieces together, developing UniGen’s value proposition, market testing the concept with municipal utilities, and meeting with investors to secure capital for Onset UniGen.

John has a MS in Engineering from Purdue and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

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