Customer Applications

UniGen is a market-based incentive that motivates resources owners to manage intermittency.


I. Self-scheduling the combined output of generation owned by the same company without exposure to the volatile costs of imbalance energy.

II. Scheduling by Onset, Inc. which will make the necessary arrangements to combine the output of wind and solar projects, natural gas plants, and energy storage system. In this scenario, power plants with no or expiring PPAs could play a new role as a UniGen enabled firming resource. Also, the value of energy storage is higher when used in a UniGen composite generating system since it can be used to lessen the number of daily starts and stops experienced by the gas plant.

III. Tools for Balancing Authorities
UniGen provides a financial incentive to help Balancing Authorities manage the variability of renewable generation. UniGen in effect provides balancing energy at a much lower cost than real time markets, as the UniGen simulations have confirmed. At the same time, UniGen internalizes all costs associated with managing this variability. Both are outcomes sought by Balancing Authorities.

The overwhelming economics of UniGen are have been confirmed by simulations using historical data. Please contact us if you are interested in the details of these analyses or if you are interested in having Onset run a simulation for a particular project.

“The ISO market allocates costs
based on cost causation

Expected Outcomes:
• Market participants better manage their
load and resource variability

• More accurate forecasting and scheduling
by market participants reduces operational
uncertainty and associated costs.”